The Strength Splice

Over a series of lengthy workouts I’ve done lately to try to build endurance, I have discovered another miracle that fits right in with the Disaster Fitness Program in general, and I’m going to call it the Strength Splice.

Basically, if you do one long cardio workout, you’re going to feel tired and shitty, and fade out in the second half.

HOWEVER! If you do one round of cardio circuits, and then you slow down for a couple of rounds of strength circuits, you will come back three times stronger when you hit the cardio again. (That’s my subjective three times, for those doing the math.)

This is the ideal strength splice workout:

  1. Cardio intervals: Two rounds of the same HIIT workout, about 10 minutes
  2. Strength splice: About two rounds of one strength circuit.
  3. Cardio interval numer two: Now you are warmed up, AND you just gave your lungs a break WHILE keeping your blood flowing. You can do about 20 minutes of cardio this time, AND YOU FEEL LIKE FUCKING SUPERWOMAN/MAN/THING.
  4. A bit more strength if you’re feeling inspired, and a bit of abs.
  5. Stretch, and enjoy your day.

You only spent about 45 minutes on this shit, so you can clean your house now. You’re welcome!
I’m pretty sure this is scientifically sound, since it works like a charm. NEXT TIME: I back up these instincts with science. Stay tuned! And to enjoy this to the max, read the rest of the DISASTER FITNESS method, which hacks your body and mind to get max enjoyment out of your workout with minimum suffering: Here, starting at five bucks!

(And no, that photo has nothing to do with anything but making you look at this shit.)

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