Paperback out in 72 Hours or Less! And: You’ll Always Feel Better

Ahhhhh, they say it can be up to 72 hours, but they’re bluffin’. Amazon will have a paperback copy of DISASTER FITNESS: Make Your Demons Do the Work available for you painfully soon. No more excuses!

Ack, “No more excuses” seems like such a hard-assed thing to say, doesn’t it? And cliched as well. There are easier ways to motivate yourself.

Like saying “I’ll always feel better.”

Let me explain.

This Sunday I felt like pure hell. My stomach was a mess, I was stressed out (talk about annoying locutions… “stressed out” always seems to be someone’s excuse to treat someone else like shit… but I digress), I felt sluggish, the weather was bad…

I got on the mat and did some yoga. And it wasn’t that hard to do it, as bad as I felt. All I had to tell myself is something I’ve learned from years and years of exercise addiction:

“I’ll always feel better.”

Work out every day for a month in a row, however lightly, however tentatively, and you will begin to learn this simple fact of your physiology: unless you are really fucking sick, increased blood flow will ALWAYS make you feel better. Ninety percent of shit feelings is just garbage stuck in your cells. Wash them out, shake them around. You might not feel good, but you will ALWAYS FEEL BETTER.

Just a few more hours and you can get the whole story.

The other good news is that I’ve priced it at only eight bucks.

That’s right; I did some marketing math and, in defiance of my planned price point of twelve dollars, I’ve decided, fuck it, it makes more sense to sell it for less than the price of one of those dumb green smoothies that won’t do you nearly as much good as getting up and going for a three-mile walk, or even a two-mile walk, no matter how bad you feel now.

YOU WILL. ALWAYS. FEEL. BETTER! Even if you are a goofy-looking fucker like me. (See photo; that’s your laff for the day. Holy shit. If I can go out of my way to look and feel better, so can you.)

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