Jamie Mason reviews Disaster Fitness: One Week till You Can Read it Too!

In less than a week (next Friday, if disaster doesn’t strike particularly hard, YOU TOO will be able to purchase a copy of DISASTER FITNESS: The Traumatized Child’s Hot Body Guide. For now, however, you can enjoy  Canadian novelist (and my frenemy) Jamie Mason’s entertaining video review. He says I’m full of wisdom, which is kind of a coup, because he usually tells me I’m full of something entirely different.

And oh yeah: I’m reading his new book, Certain Fury, and you should too. Not that I have any idea what the fuck you should be doing with your life.


AND, while you wait, here is the most intense workout video I’ve ever done.


In 30 minutes, you WILL feel like you’re really worked out, even if you’re really fit. If you can’t get through the first ten minutes, don’t worry. After a few months of my Disaster Fitness plan, you will be able to get through AT LEAST ten minutes of Millionaire Hoy.




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