The Morning You Rose From the Dead

I know your mood can be god-awful sometimes. You have every reason to feel sorry for yourself. And the last thing you want is a pep talk. I get it. When I came home from the aftermath of my best friend’s death to find my boyfriend was kicking me out of the apartment so his new young girlfriend could move in, I kind of became a corpse for a few days. It was annoying to even have to get up to open another beer.

Sometimes you have to lie there for a while. But you can feel when it’s been too long. You know that sluggish feeling you used to get in high school, on days when you didn’t have gym or sports practice? The way you could feel your blood getting thick and weird and dirty?

I hate to tell you this, but that’s the feeling of your body and mind settling into sugar/wine addiction, depression, and all kinds of terrible stuff that is now happening to your metabolism. Not to mention your psyche.

You have every RIGHT to feel sorry for yourself. The problem is, it’s not going to do much for you.

OK, so other people have hurt you. So have circumstances; those are facts. But no matter how wrong they are, they’re never going to help put you back together. In fact, the more of an asshole your ex (mother, father, boss) turned out to be, the less likely they are to give a damn about your descent into hell. If they even notice, it might give them pleasure.

It’s funny and entertaining, in a way, to let yourself spiral. You kind of feel like you’re on a TV show or in a movie.

The difference is: When this happens to Bridget Jones, the actress who’s playing her gets fame and money. All YOU get is a bigger spare tire, a smaller bank account, a shorter life span, a permanent hangover, and some serious cabin fever.

The thing about getting up and getting back into it is that it’s all about momentum. Yup, it’s hard. But all you have to do is 1. Convince yourself to get the ball rolling, and 2. Get the ball rolling.

Get up. Put on a workout video. Do five minutes of it. Whatever you do, do not THINK about it. Do it still wearing whatever you have on right now. It won’t kill your boobs to bounce for five minutes—and anyway, you’re just doing the warm-up, right?

If you start to feel better, you always have the option to keep going. Get 20 minutes. Do more later. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  Put on a sports bra if the endorphins really start to get ya and you want to jump around.

All it takes is one taste of feeling better to make you want more.


Ann Hedonia

P.S. If you don’t have it in you to look for an easy workout video right now, I’ll give you a suggestion, linked below. Don’t think about it, just kick the wine boxes out of the way and hit play:

Click here! (I’m not affiliated, I just picked something quick. Like you should do if that ain’t to your taste.)

You can listen to your own music while you do the video above, by the way; it’s pretty sweet.

If you want the music pre-added to the workout for you and a bit more production value, here’s a “love yourself” themed video. It’s kind of cheesy but what the heck; you need some love.

Click here!

In our next article: Why videos like this are the wave of the future, and why you shouldn’t spend the time and money getting to the gym.

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